With 15 years experience in brand development, publication and web design I offer a freelance design service for both small and large scale businesses. I have had the privilege to work for some prominent clients in New Zealand and London. I am dedicated to creating effective design which delivers for both the client and end customer.



“We’re thrilled with what you have come up with for Pacific Yoga. Looking forward to what happens next. xx”
"Libby had a big hand in our last gorgeous carpet catalogue. Got a much needed make-over and all the better for it."
I got a sneak peek at the JDT work… The work is the most beautiful I have seen. To hell with London, New York … this was NZ creativity at its best. …the team have truly created something absolutely stunning, captivating. …if your objective was to tell the world that James Dunlop can source beauty and create a better looking world then you achieved it. I didn’t have time to figure out why it so emotionally connected – it just did.
"I've had the privilege of working with some of the top designers in the world - of whom Libby reminds me of of. She's a natural… meticulous, aggressive in her attention to detail, systematic about a whole design system, and relaxed in the face of sudden left turns. After working together for quite some time now I'm comfortable passing anything her way knowing that she'll come back with the right solution. She's a generous and curious designer, not interested in telling you what's right or wrong, and includes you making it all so easy to join her for the ride. I can't recommend her highly enough and hope to work with her as long as she can stand it. ;)"
"Libby is very personable and very creative. While at L&CO she helped design our corporate logo for Hensley Partners. She is good a listening carefully to clients and still producing good creative work within the brief."
“As usual! Our MacDow Aus recruitment campaign looks great!”
“Well! You have excelled yourselves this time. The brand and brand standards are fantastic – everyone is going to be absolutely blown away. Thank you so much, we might need more champagne later. J”
"Libby can always be relied on to produce contemporary, quality work. She backs up great technical skill with a creative mind and delivers everything in a professional, timely way. A look through Libby's portfolio is always inspirational and a project is better when Libby is leading the design work."