Libby Sinclair is an Auckland based designer that specialises in corporate branding, brand rollout and packaging design. Her strength lies in finding the special attributes of a company or product and showcasing that through a brand system.

“Design can invigorate a business and drive growth, it attracts clientele and builds pride throughout the team. A great design refresh can help position a company as a leader or disruptor in their market.”



“As usual! Our MacDow Aus recruitment campaign looks great!”
“The design was bold and professional and immediately improved our presence. It has certainly helped boost our profile in NZ and our international markets.”
“Efficiently guided me through the process of defining my brand and business before a fantastic job of designing my logo and website. I stay in contact for advice and feedback as I rate her highly.”
“As a result of rebranding and repositioning our organic grapes, we found new customers and were able to sell a higher percentage of our organic grapes for more money than previous seasons”
"…brings a contemporary and sophisticated understanding of leading design, which makes 1+1 = 3."