Kyriak Law are unique amongst lawyers. With decades of experience in law and commerce, they understand how legal issues can affect business. They are smart, taking time to get to know their clients, bringing with them a deep understanding of law. They look at a problem from all perspectives and can turn it into an advantage.

The logo reflects these attributes, by representing a change in direction through the angles of the ‘K’. These angles are repeated throughout the brand to re-iterate the companies point of difference through all touchpoints.

Law firms typically are staid, use a lot of blue and beige and charge by the minute. Kyriak Law are fresh, smart, have a modern approach and signal this to the market by using yellow – a unique colour in the industry.

Kyriak Law change the paradigm, shifting away from the tradition of charging for every minute to focus on the client. Their strapline ‘FOR YOUR GREATER GOOD’ is derived from the initial brand strategy and developed from the (more long winded) full strategic expression ‘Invaluable counsel for effective and far reaching resolution at the very heart of your matter’. Typeset simply, it stands out from the competition, many of whom use a repetitive litany of endorsers such as ‘We are experienced and trustworthy’.

Most importantly, the brand messages go beyond the sector and their love of law to connect with the client and what they can expect.

Brand language is straight forward, as reductive and jargon free as possible. Client interviews are used to illustrate the key message through the use of pull quotes substantiating Kyriak Law as a results based service.

Completed with Ellen&Company.

TASK: Logo, brand system, website, signage, internal spaces